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Tim has recently been rescued from the quasi-religious cult known as alternative guitar rock; although we worry that secretly his heart yearns for 6 strings. As a songwriter and performer he constantly seeks beauty in darkness, both musically and lyrically.

Best electronic song ‘Love Action’ by The Human League.
Strongest musical influence: Martin Gore of Depeche mode.



Known to many as ‘Mr Melody’ Rich is proud of the strong melody contained in the repertoire of the band. He has played many genres of music over the years but the electro vibe is where his heart is. He still misses his Vox Continental, ‘liberated’ from his garage several years ago.

Best electronic song: ‘Light & Magic’ by Ladytron. 
Strongest musical influence: Ray Manzarek of the Doors.



One of the founder members, Rob has briefly played guitar, and even keyboards for one practice, before settling for the bass, and his beloved Hohner B2. Influences range from Talking Heads to the Rolling Stones. Like the rest of the band, he remembers the 80s!

Best electronic song: ‘Living On The Ceiling’ by Blancmange.
Strongest musical influence: David Byrne.



Stephen got hooked on electronic music from an early age after hearing ‘Oxygene IV’ by Jean-Michel Jarre. Kraftwerk live in 1981 sealed the deal, and although he has be known to ‘play a bit of drums’, his cherished Korg Electribe EMX-1 is rarely far away.

Best electronic song: ‘Bimbo’ by Yello.
Strongest musical influence: Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk.


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