Original Synthpop Music

Sweet Machine + Pixelstorm January 22nd @7.30pm
The Brunswick Hove

Join us in the depths of winter and bask in the neon glow of a night of original synthpop music at The Brunswick, Hove.

Sweet Machine: “Original synthpop with a strong 80’s vibe – Depeche Mode meets Pulp!
“Fantastic, authentic, melodic old-skool electro, reminiscent of Morodor and Oakey at their best!”

Pixelstorm: “80’s Sounds – Modern Stories!”. “
Arguably bands just don’t sound like this anymore! Are they caught in a Dr Who time vortex from 1981 to 1989? Could well be!”

Upcoming Gigs 21/22

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January 22nd – The Brunswick Hove
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