Gigs 2017

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January 28th
Frome.FM Soundcheck 

February 25th
Huey Morgan (Fun Lovin’ Criminals) Support

May 27th (Postponed)
Close To The Noise Floor

September 30th
The Brunswick Hove
With Frome’s Laugh Clown Laugh & Brighton’s Invadr

November 18th
The Granary Bar Frome
With Frome’s Laugh Clown Laugh + Stereo Kela

2018 TBC



In 2016 we were here…

February 6th | Frome The Hubnub Centre 

March 12th | Hove The Brunswick

March 24th | Frome The Wheatsheaves

April 16th | Frome Record Store Day 2016 at Raves from The Grave

May 7th | Frome The Wheatsheaves

July 1st | Frome Festival 2016

July 16th | The Big Gig Midsomer Norton